• Episode Followup: Change Your Mind Part 1

    There was certainly a lot to absorb with this episode and it was 4 times the length of a normal one, so the followup will be in 4 parts! Let's start with the beginning.

    Huh, no credits, interesting-

    Oh there's actually a whole page of credits. Well, I guess since this is four episodes in one it would have a lot of people working on it. Wait, isn't this everyone?

    Oh, okay, not everyone! There's a whole other list. 

    Three lists! Wow. This is really going to be a doozy, huh?

    Oh right, still in prison.

     They took Connie!

    Steven barely knows where he is and now he and Connie are separated?! 

    What the heck is that?

    I guess it's... organic life? 

    Organic death now. 

    They could do a face swap and there'd be no difference. 

    It looks a Glo Worm. 

    I think it hit that wall a little too hard.

    I guess that's getting rid of it?

    Oh this is just a dream!

    Cool, we're cool. 

    Kind of cool. Getting a little freaky.

    A lot freaky!

     So just reliving the ball scene that just happened? I mean it was pretty traumatic.

    Yeah, not so great.

    I came to Homeworld and all I got was this identity crisis and a new outfit.

    I bet Steven is thinking of all the great things he heard about Rose Quartz and how much of a hero she was and how much he wanted to be strong and brave like her. 

    Only to find out she was an entirely different person. 

    Phew, Connie is still safe! 

    Wait we just did this. 

     Deja-blue. Ah.

     That's right, he said it. NO!

    Connie you encouraged the fusing when Steven was trying to behave. Why do you think he should apologize now?

    Worse than ever? Take a chill pill Steven is a kid.

    Ah yes, dehydration, that is actually a valid concern.

     Connie does not understand these gems powers.

    Her hair gets more points the angrier she gets.

     Sure, blast him, I'm sure that will make him compliant.

     Oh you didn't? Are you sure about that?

     Hmm yeah there may be some abusive tactics present.

    From the way Steven is acting, probably was, yeah.

    "You were failing this world."

    "Maybe this world was failing you."
    Nail. Head.

    Hide some friends in your hair for later!

    Secret Team!

    Cronch time!

    They do not understand food either.

     Good-bye? You're not going to bring them to Earth? They belonged to Pink, they have nothing else going on here!


    This is definitely an inconspicuous way to travel.

    This shot definitely looks inspired by some kind of Anime.

    You know what this looks like?

    Try to un-see it next time you watch.

    I think Connie kind of panicked when she decided to backtalk to Yellow.

    I don't think Yellow was expecting that!

    Or this!

    Yeah Blue is finally tired of you trying to boss her around and she SNAPPED!

    Try not to die on Homeworld challenge! 

    Oh she really mad.

    This is probably the most excitement Homeworld has ever had.

    Uhhh Amethyst not reforming is actually concerning but Pearl takes like 2 weeks and Steven knows this.

    Anybody in there? 

    This situation is really dire but they all got poofed fighting against the Diamonds before so they're probably safer in there right now.

    Do you think they've ever fought with each other like this before?

    Is she going to poof? Diamonds can poof, right?

    Steven isn't afraid of you anymore! 

    She really took a hit on this one. 

    I mean he has a fair point, what even makes Homeworld perfect? 

    Oh Steve-o threw down a truth bomb!

    Steven gems don't eat use another metaphor!

    Homeworld may not be perfect but that bridge integrity is!

    Snap Yellow's crying?! 

    Yellow has been holding in this breakdown for a long time.

    Come back to Homeworld? I guess there aren't much better plans right now.

    Oh that's not good! Abort, abort! Turn back. 

     It's really not good get outta there!

    Well, until next time!

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