• Episode Followup: Change Your Mind Part 3

    When we last left our heroes, they were in a pretty tight spot. Under a giant mech boot.

     We're only halfway through the episode so they've got to be fine, right?

    Yeah, totally fine!

    They all lived!

    Nobody got crushed or poofed! 

    WHAT! WHAT! Another new fusion! We've had two new fusions this episode plus Smoky! This is crazy!

    Oh yeah there's still that thing.

    They're so cool! Like a 90's food mascot.

    Believe it!

    AND YOU! 

    Don't give in to bullies, kids!

     Nobody knows what the plan is anymore but they're all along for the ride.

    Suction cups. Interesting weapon. 

    Still unsettled by those eyes.

    They're in trouble!

    A lot of trouble. But everyone is still outside of their gems so that's a plus!

    Are we- are we really getting another fusion??? 



    Obsidian! So the theories were correct.

    Now they stand a chance since they're huge!

    I guess huge is kind of relative when compared to the mech. I wonder how the size compares to a Diamond. 

     Connie got a new sword! Yeeeessssss!

    And the gems are actively including her in the battle!

    Crystal Gem A and B teams go!

    Crystal Temps!

    "Not as your servant, but as your savior!"

    Okay that turn out as expected.
    But Peridot comes in clutch to save Bismuth!

    Thank goodness for that armor!

    She seems to be keeping that trash lid afloat with very little effort though, so it seems like she has excellent control of her powers! 

    When she's paying attention. 


    Okay somebody has to save Connie because her body will take extensive damage and will not just poof.

     Nice catch!

    There is so much detail on this mech and this fusion, this is a seriously epic episode!

    Connie is ready to fight a whole mech! 


    So she just makes a sword from her mouth, huh? 

     Pretty cool power, actually!

    Connie you're doing amazing sweety.

    THAT is a powerful sword! 


    she screm

    I guess that's one way to fight.

     Oh snap they unfused!

    Oh good, she's still okay too!

    So who else caught this reference? No? Let me back it up.

    Now? If you don't, that's okay, let me throw it back even further.

    Yep, "Serious Steven", all the way back in season 1!

     That's a bit unnerving.

     And extra unnerving with another gem!

    Don't you shush him he's right!

    The syncing up is just so creepy.

    Cool science rock facts that Rebecca Sugar probably spent a lot of time!

    Amethyst is the fandom mood this scene: No idea what's going on.

    Not again!

     Not Amethyst!

    Amethyst doesn't give a heck what White Dirtwad tries to do!

     Garnet too!

    And Pearl! 

     She got them all and she just looks so smug about it.

     Just leave Steven and his friends alone!

     W posing to assert her dominance.

    Did Connie just use her sword to scale the mech?!

    The student must fight the teacher...

    And she managed to disarm her! Although White's doing most of the controlling so she's probably not nearly as good as Pearl.


     Honestly I'd be shocked by that kind of disarming move too.


     He only visited her memories in dreams but that is still kind of weird.

    What's that Steve doing among Pink's pictures? 

     Going through all the memories they share.


    Stop he's just a kid!

    Yeah Connie you tell him! Don't listen to her!

    Where she get her nails done though?

     There is a lot of dynamic animation going on to add to the completely crazed nature of White.



    How traumatizing must this be they're both CHILDREN!

    They really went there HUH? 

    Okay I guess we're ending it there! Until tomorrow.

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