• Q & A with Empire City Con Founder K-K Bracken

    Have you heard the news about the newest Steven Universe convention? Empire City Con is happening later this year, and I was able to get an interview with the founder and organizer of the convention, K-K Bracken. Check below the break to see what they have to say about their convention, which tickets go on sale tomorrow, February 1st!

    Little Ursa: So, what is Empire City Con?

    K-K: Empire City Con is a Steven Universe fan convention!

    Little Ursa: When and where will it be held?

    K-K: November 1-3, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel.

    Little Ursa: What other cons and events have you've hosted or been apart of? What were they like?

    K-K: I founded and organized Beach City Con, the first Steven Universe-exclusive fan convention.. After 2018's event I formed my own company and changed the name to Empire City Con. Both years were incredible tributes to the Steven Universe fandom, magical cosplay and improvised musical moments, as well as awesome guests like Kimberly Brooks, AJ Michalka, and Grace Rolek. It's a special environment that's family friendly and really wonderful. 

    Little Ursa: What sort of events are planned?

    K-K: Panels, workshops, and performances! We've had Gemsona drawing lessons, a "Cosmic Jubilee" formal dance, and "The Steven Foodiverse," a panel where the hosts of GemTalk podcast prepared snacks from the show like snack sushi, fire salt donuts, and guacola. Each StevenCon's schedule is unique, and I can't wait to see what our panelists have in store for us this year. The application will be live the day tickets go on sale, at empirecitycon.com/panelists.

    Little Ursa: Any guests planned that you can talk about yet?

    K-K: Kelly Kirstein and Bakamono are on the guest roster. We have a handful of wonderful social sponsors so far, and one more definite announcement coming up. And we might have someone very special in the works besides all those!

    Little Ursa: What if someone is interested in helping the convention (like myself)?

    K-K: Go to empirecitycon.com/applications and check out how you can join the team in 2019.

    Little Ursa: How much will tickets be?

    K-K: They start at $70 for the full weekend pass. Then they go all the way up to the Crystal Gem at $800, which includes three nights at the hotel and other exclusive perks. Day passes will be on sale later in 2019. Tickets can be found here.

    Little Ursa: Anything else you want to add for everyone?

    K-K: The Empire City Council is always happy to answer questions, at empirecitycon@gmail.com or any of our social media @empirecitycon. I hope I get to see some of you wonderful gems in the fall, when we can talk about the movie!

    If you are interested in going out to Empire City Con, like myself, tickets go on sale February 1st. More information can be found on their website here.