• All Things Steven Universe at MomoCon 2019!

    MomoCon 2019 is just a week away and, just like every year before it, there are plenty of Steven Universe events to go around! From panels to autographs, to cosplay and so much more, there is plenty to do! After the page break, I go over each and every Steven-y event you can take part of (and possibly see me at as well)!


    For this year, MomoCon has gotten all four of the core Crystal Gems! That's right, in attendance will be Estelle (Garnet), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), and Zach Callison (Steven). Along with them will be Susan Egan (Rose Quartz) and host of the Steven Universe Podcast, McKenzie Atwood.


    According to the MomoCon 2019 Autograph page, the number of the Steven Universe cast will be in attendance at the convention and available for autographs in the "Walk Of Fame" section. Their hours are as follows:

    Deedee Magno Hall
    • THUR: 2:30P-4P
    • FRI: 5:30P-7P
    • SAT: 11:30A-1P
    • SUN: 11:30A-1P
    Michaela Dietz
    • THUR: 2:30P-4P
    • FRI: 2:30P-4P
    • SAT: 11:30A-1P
    • SUN: 2:30P-3:30P
    Susan Egan
    • FRI: 2:30P-4P
    • SAT: 11:30A-1P
    • SUN: 2:30P-4P
    Zach Callison
    • THUR: 2:30P-4P
    • FRI: 5:30P-7P
    • SAT: 5:30P-7P
    As for Estelle, she will be having an autograph signing, but unlike the rest of the cast. The information we currently have for Estelle is that she will be signing only on Thursday from 11 AM to 4 PM in Room 411. This, like all autograph information is subject to change.


    Steven Universe Guests
    Thursday - 5:00 PM - Main Stage Exhibit A3
    • Join the voice cast of Steven Universe for a look this great Cartoon Network show and what it means to fans around the world! Featuring the main cast and some special additions!
    Gemology: A Steven Universe Gameshow
    Thursday - 7:30 PM - Panels 312

    • Join us for a fun filled game show of Steven Universe trivia. From the great diamond authority to the organic life on earth test to see if you know all there is to be a crystal gem. 
    Take A Look Into The Steven Universe!
    Friday - 8:30 PM - Panels 311
    • Come join us for a fun Q&A with the denizens of Beach City! Ask questions and play games to win prizes!

    The Voices of Steven Universe!
    Saturday - 2:30 PM - Main Stage Exhibit A3
    • The Crystal Gems and more! Learn about voicing and acting in Steven Universe!

    Animation, Broadway, and Beyond: Susan Egan
    Saturday - 5:30 PM - Main Panels 404
    • Hear from the phenomenal talent Susan Egan, accomplished Broadway star and stunning voice actor, on her career!

    Steven Universe: Presented By The Famethyst
    Saturday - 7:00 PM - Main Panels 412
    • Join a few Steven Universe content creators and a voice actor or two to recap the show's journey so far, discuss the crazy storyline and engage with the fans on what they'd like to see next in the story!

    Zach Callison: Acting and Music
    Sunday - 1:00 PM - Main Events Omni-EF
    • Zach Callison has dipped his toes into both the acting & voice acting worlds, and the music scene releasing his own albums and recordings. Hear from him and ask your questions!

    Steven Universe Charity Sing-Along
    Sunday - 2:30 PM - Main Events Omni-EF
    •  A jam-buds session filled with an hour of music from the soundtrack and new episodes, Sing along and donate for a great cause 

    Photoshoots/Cosplay Gatherings

    Yesterday, I went over all of the photoshoots/cosplay gatherings that are happening at MomoCon 2019, but I'll share here as well:

    • Thursday - 4:30 PM - B Indoor Fountain
    • Friday - 7:00 PM - B Indoor Fountain
    • Saturday - 5:00 PM - International Lounge A/B
    • Sunday - 1:00 PM - International Lounge A/B 

     Comic Writers and Artists

    The following writers and artists for the Steven Universe comics will be at MomoCon:
    • Rii Abrego - AA-052
    • Grace Kraft (with Doki Rosi) - AA-153
    • Cara McGee - AA-007

    If there happens to be anything that I happened to miss, just let us know! Hope to see you out there!