• Nightly Discussion #352

    What's up everyone? How was your weekend?

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  • Drawing Things Out #336

    Art time! Malachite is a cutie-patootie!

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  • Please watch SU on your local TV cable channel!

    Hey guys, BCB here with an important message. We know a lot of you watched the early release of the SU episodes aired in France. We know a lot of you watch streams when the East Coast airs the episode, rather than waiting for your own time zones airing. While these things in themselves don't directly harm the show, they also don't help it. CN does not count you as a viewer if you don't watch directly through them, when the episode airs live.

    So please, even if you watch streams or you watch leaked episodes, be sure to at least turn on your TV when SU airs a new episode live in your area. These ratings help CN determine what shows they should keep on the air, and if ratings are going down, CN will take that as a sign that a show is losing popularity. We want SU to be around for as long as possible, so please tune in!

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  • AMV: Loathing

    What song could more perfectly describe Peridot and Lapis' situation? Check below the break for this awesome video! The lip syncing is really well done, so be sure to give it a watch!

  • SU Takes a Page Out of DBZ

    Do you ever feel like you've seen a scene in SU before, but can't quite place from where? SU has already taken inspiration from Revolutionary Girl Utena, so it's no surprise that another scene popped up recently that mirrored a scene from Dragon Ball Z. Looks like the Crewniverse has some Anime fans on their team!

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  • AMV: Iron

    Check out this great AMV! Editing is super cool, and very well done. Watch it below!

  • Fan Theory: What Happened To Jasper?!?

    So the world has been saved from the cluster and everyone is doing just fine! Er, wait. Aren't we missing someone? What do you think happened to Jasper? Will she make a reappearance in the series in the near future?

  • Comic: The Salt and Pepper Diner / Falling For Amethyst / 1+1=2

    Check out this great Peridot comics! She still has a bit to learn about Earth.

  • V/T/S - We Are The Crystal Gems

    What does a voice detection program think the words are to We Are the Crystal Gems? Find out below the break!

  • Story: Questions and Answers

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: ShadeShine
    Description: Peridot and Steven come over to the Maheswaran house to watch a show that they're hooked on with Connie. It presents a weird sort of opportunity for a mother who is trying to be more understanding of the universe her daughter is a part of.
    Questions and Answers