• Please watch SU on your local TV cable channel!

    Hey guys, BCB here with an important message. We know a lot of you watched the early release of the SU episodes aired in France. We know a lot of you watch streams when the East Coast airs the episode, rather than waiting for your own time zones airing. While these things in themselves don't directly harm the show, they also don't help it. CN does not count you as a viewer if you don't watch directly through them, when the episode airs live.

    So please, even if you watch streams or you watch leaked episodes, be sure to at least turn on your TV when SU airs a new episode live in your area. These ratings help CN determine what shows they should keep on the air, and if ratings are going down, CN will take that as a sign that a show is losing popularity. We want SU to be around for as long as possible, so please tune in!

    Twitter: Emerald