• Fan Theory: Chille Tid

    So, after the episode 'Chille Tid' aired, fans were quick to discover that the episode title was a Norwegian phrase which translated to "chilling time." Makes sense, right, since the episode was supposed to be about a casual sleepover with the gems. But why is it the ONLY episode title we've had so far that's in another language? Check out an interesting theory about the episode title, after the break!

    My theory about why the title of "Chille Tid" was "Chille Tid"

    So, at the end of Chille Tid we never really get an explanation for why the episode is called Chille Tid or why the title is in Norwegian except for this one weird catchphrase that human!Garnet says in Steven's dream, right before his first psychic contact with Lapis. But that just deepens the mystery: as far as we can tell Steven doesn't speak Norwegian, so why is Garnet speaking in Norwegian in his dream?

    My theory is that since that line happened right before his first psychic contact with Lapis, when dream!Garnet says "chille tid", that's actually something Lapis heard leaking through her psychic connection to Steven.

    Which means, of course, that Malachite is probably somewhere off the coast of Norway. And it's the title because dream!Garnet saying that line is actually secretly the whole point of the episode: the central conflict of the episode is where Lapis is, and Steven already found out without knowing about it.

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