• Fan Theory: The Diamonds Are Fusions

    I'm sure you're all aware of the Diamond Authority that the show has hinted at, and that fans have been surmising about for months. Here's a super crazy theory about the Diamonds that actually has a lot of evidence to back it up. I didn't expect for this theory to be so mind-blowingly plausible, but I found myself thinking over and over that would make total sense. Given how many surprises we've seen from the show so far, many which were hinted at early on (Garnet being a fusion was hinted in episodes 4 and 32, but not revealed until episode 52), it doesn't seem too far fetched for this theory to actually be true. Consider how much has still been hinted at that we don't know about (we still don't know what the geode is, what that chest in Lion's mane contains, or why there's a bubbled gem in Lion), all of which must have some kind of story that will be revealed later on. So, read up on the theory below, and prepare to be as amazed as I was!

    • The Diamonds are secretly fusions.
    • The Diamonds are keeping their nature as fusions secret from the other Homeworld gems in order to control them.
    • They convinced the other Homeworld gems that power equals status, but also that fusions do not count in this power system. This ensures that the Diamonds remain the strongest, and thus highest-ranking gems alive and that even if a new fused Diamond was created, she, as a fusion, would have no legal power, despite being a Diamond.Because no single-gem Diamond exists, White, Blue and Yellow Diamond remain the unquestioned rulers of Homeworld.
    • The Diamond authority use drastic measures like the forced fusions to further demonize fusion in the eyes of their subjects. They make fusion, especially permanent fusion, out to be grotesque and unnatural in order to keep their subjects in line so no one would think to revolutionize the power system.
    • Rose Quartz used to be a component of Pink Diamond, before she betrayed Homeworld and left her fusion partner(s). In order to keep their subjects in the dark about their true nature as fusions, the remaining Diamonds framed Rose as Pink Diamond’s murderer, further turning loyal Homeworld gems against the rebellion.

    Why this makes sense in-universe:
    • Yellow Diamond’s shirt appears to be split down the middle color-wise, similar to the colors of Garnet’s bodysuit. This could hint towards her true nature.
    • The Diamonds are pitting their people against each other in a futile race to become the strongest, while ensuring that none of their big, strong soldiers will ever out-rank them.
    • Homeworld’s hatred of fusion would have a reason - it’s all fueled by propaganda intended to keep the people from gaining the power that the Diamonds have.
    • Homeworld’s hierarchy and aversion to close relationships, platonic or romantic, would make sense, as the Diamonds are making sure that no one will want to go against the system in order to fuse permanently with the one(s) they love. They’re keeping their people divided and helpless.
    • Creating the forced fusions purely to freak out the Crystal Gems seems like overkill - unless it doubles as fear mongering. The Diamonds may be using the experiments to show their own people what fusion “really is” and what it feels like.
    • It would explain how Rose could go from being a Diamond to being a Quartz. There’s no reason for Homeworld to change her name - gems who were alive during the war would recognize their former leader, while newer Homeworld gems don’t seem to know who the Crystal Gems even are. If it was just a rank thing, there’s no solid explanation for why they renamed her Rose Quartz, when they could’ve just taken away her last name and called her Rose. She would be the only gem in existence whose name was not the same as her gem type, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason strong enough to justify the inconsistency. But Rose could still technically be (a part of) Pink Diamond, if Pink Diamond was a fusion.
    • Jasper didn’t immediately kill Steven, even though she thought he was Rose, the former leader of the rebels. She could’ve easily taken him out, but she insisted on bringing him back to Homeworld instead, so Yellow Diamond could decide what to do with him. If Rose was actually a component of Pink Diamond, then the other Diamonds might have demanded that their underlings bring Rose back to them alive, so they could force her to fuse again, reviving Pink Diamond. Jasper wouldn’t have known why the Diamonds wanted to deal with Rose themselves, all she knew was she was forbidden from harming Rose. Peridot, being a newer gem with no knowledge of the Crystal Gems, doesn’t understand why bringing Steven with them was so important, which is why she objected to it.

    Why this makes sense on a meta plane:
    • In some mythologies, diamonds were believed to be all the world’s gems combined into a clear, incredibly hard material, inheriting the powers of all the other gems. (I’ve lost the source for this information, but if I or anyone else finds it again, I’ll add the link). 
    • Homeworld’s hatred towards fusion has very obvious ties to themes surrounding homophobia and the “every man for himself” aspects of social darwinism. Having the leaders of the anti-fusion faction secretly be fusions feeding lies to their subjects would help support the show’s overall theme - that together, people create something bigger than the sum of their parts. It’s like saying “Look! Even the bad guys can’t achieve anything without working together!” The Diamonds would serve as a dark echo of the Crystal Gems, using the power of teamwork for evil instead of good. It’d eradicate any doubt about whose perspective of fusion was correct, if one side was built on a complete lie.
    • We have four Crystal Gems pitted against an entire planet. Even if they manage to heal the corrupted gems and enlist them to fight on their side, Homeworld is still going to outnumber them, and they’ll have newer technology too. If the Crystal Gems are going to stand a chance against their enemies, there must be a trick to it. There needs to be a way of defeating the enemy without having to use brute strength. Outing the Diamonds as fusions would make Homeworld’s entire power structure collapse, destroying everything their society is built on. The Homeworld gems would realize that they’ve been lied to their whole lives and most would likely turn on their leaders. They might even become grateful towards the Crystal Gems for helping them see the light. If the show continues to treat war as realistically as it has previously, it’d probably lead to civil wars and chaos on Homeworld, but at least Earth would be safe for now, which seems to be the most positive possible outcome.

    Extra speculation based on this theory:
    • It’s possible that Rose attempted to out the Diamonds as fusions and that the Diamonds decided to erase the war from history in order to keep new gems from thinking too much about Rose’s claims. This could be why Jasper knows about the Crystal Gems (having been in the war), while Peridot doesn’t know who they are (she’s a newer model, who was never informed about the war’s existence).
    • Some have theorized that Bismuth could be Rose’s previous fusion partner and that Rose + Bismuth = Pink Diamond. Bismuth could be trapped in Lion’s mane because she’s still loyal to Homeworld and likely very powerful.
    • Lapis Lazuli could’ve been a part of Blue Diamond who was replaced with a different lapis lazuli after her gem cracked. She could’ve been put in the mirror because she looked too much like Blue Diamond, and having her walk around the streets right after Blue Diamond suddenly changed appearance could’ve made other gems suspicious. This would also explain why she’s treated with so little respect by Jasper - the Diamonds have made her out to be a criminal on Homeworld, hoping that having her locked up again would help keep their cover. This is supported by the water-like structures depicted under Blue Diamond’s image in the Pyramid Temple.

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