• BCB Change Log!

    Heya guys! Some of you who have been checking out the site today might have noticed the weird things going on with the comment system. Well, I was working on some improvements today and I've gotten most of the bugs out.

    So what changed exactly?
    • Some leftover text and labels from EqD during the template switch have been changed/removed
    • The favicon has been fixed so you should see the BCB logo in your tabs from now on instead the occasional EqD logo that would load due to being tucked in a bit of code
    • Most importantly I think, comments have been improved to now let people comment anonymously, using Twitter, Intense Debate, and Wordpress. Facebook functionality is being worked on and I hope to get that working soon!
    At any rate, have a great night guys! Thanks for the material you've sent in so far and for visiting the site.