• Episode Followup: We Need to Talk

    Day four of Steven Bomb down! How fun that this one was released nearly a day early as well, gotta love those leaked episodes am I right? Can I also just note how PINK this title card is?! Like wow!

    Now the actual episode followup after the break!

    Seems as if we're starting off the episode with Steven, Connie, and Greg all chillin' together sortin' through some of Greg's old music. Gotta love those classics. 

     Be careful guys, I know that music is awesome and dancing is fun but you might just-

     Oops, too late.

    Okay, I know Connie is having a bit of a panic moment right now, can't have the parents finding out she's been dealing with magic stuff. But... is this guy familiar? Eh, probably just my imagination.

    And we have a return of young Greg and Rose, and singing a duet nonetheless! That's so awesome!

    Though Pearl doesn't seem too happy with the recent turn of events. Having a sudden human added to the scene must be pretty annoying for a Gem like her.

    Literally the only reason I'm adding this here is because I adore the fact the animators actually took the time to make Pearl STICK her face in Rose's hair and have that hair nearly consume her face. It's adorable. 

    And now we've got a brand new fusion, introducing Rainbow Quartz! She looks like one of those workout trainers from the 80's guys, I think I'm in love.

     Pearl don't do it. 
     SHE DID IT. >:^O

    And now we've got a bit of a confrontation going on. Pearl is loving just rubbing it in Greg's face that she can fuse but he can't, however Greg isn't gonna let that stop him from trying! Pearl was a bit of a tool back then wasn't she? I find it funny that they seem to get along so well now. 

    Poor Greg over here is trying so hard, so now he's asking for some advice from the only other Gems he knows who can help him. Amethyst is so adorable, it's the hair, I swear.

    "Eye!... think I get it..."
    Garnet being the fusion master we all know and love (Thanks Sapphire and Ruby) has given the best advice she can for Greg. Given how she can see the future, she already knows what's gonna happen, but she did give him advice that'd help.

    Greg's taken the stage and set up quite a beautiful dance floor for himself and Rose.You really can't fault him for trying this hard, especially with how sassily Pearl called him out earlier. 

    So fusion didn't work and it's finally hit Greg that Rose really isn't human. It may seem obvious to us but honestly who can they'd fully understand what the implications of not being human are right off the bat? Also this broke my heart, I felt so bad for Greg.

    "How'd you end up with Harpo, Groucho, and Chico?"
    "Those are three long stories..."
    No kidding Rose, we're in season two of this show and there's still a lot about these three we don't know. Also, all of you guys are masters of stealth.

    So the one thing they got in common is that they're both confused on how to go forward? That makes me really happy for some reason. It made this relationship not so..... pure I guess. It had its bumps in the road and problems, but they got through it together. 

    "Human beings?"
    "Human beings!"
    "Human beings..."
    Oh lord my heart, I can't handle the amount of feels this show can bring. It almost hurts with how many feels this Steven Bomb has brought upon us.

    So that's it for this one guys! Final day of the Steven Bomb, and just two hours before the final episode. A sleepover you say? Oh yes this can't POSSIBLY go wrong!

    Deviantart: Mynder