• Some Other Steven Universe Communities!

    We're hardly the only SU community out there, we're the new kids on the block and there are a number of communities out there full of activity! I've already gotten a few emails pointing out some of these communities and I thought I'd share them with you today!

    We've got places for people with Gemsonas, to relax and talk about the show and a lovely forum community looking for more friends to visit. You can check them all out below!

    If you do have another community, Facebook group, ect to share with us feel free to send them in! They are perfect for Roundups and is a good way for the community to connect.

    SU subreddit - A large community of SU fans sharing fan works, theories, and so much more in one cozy little community.

    Gemsona - A subreddit for those who like to talk about and share their own Gemsonas, so if you've got one make sure to pay this one a visit!

    Cosmic Gem Warriors - A small forum community looking for friends! Tons of areas for discussion, art, and even RPing! Check it out!

    /co/ (Mature Warning) - /co/ over on 4chan also talks about the show from time to time so pay them a visit! Just fair warning, it can get a bit more mature over there at times.

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