• Steven Bomb 2 starts tomorrow!

    Hey all you Steven fans! #StevenBomb starts tomorrow, with brand new episodes of Steven Universe every weekday! And according to the crewniverse, it looks like the episodes are themed around different characters.

    Check after the break for some official teaser images!

    Monday: Sworn to the Sword

    Connie wants to learn sword fighting.

    Tuesday: Rising Tides/Crashing Skies

    Ronaldo investigates the gems.

    Wednesday: Keeping it Together

    Steven and the Crystal Gems discover a dark secret upon revisiting the Kindergarten.

    Thursday: We Need to Talk

    Greg explains how he learned of gem fusion.

    Friday: Chille Tid

    The gems and Steven have a slumber party.

    Also, have a gif set from the promo!


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