• Welcome to Beach City Bugle!

    Hello everyone and welcome to Beach City Bugle, the newest fan site for the growing Steven Universe community! Based off of the format of our parent site Equestria Daily you can expect a similar style of posting if you're familiar with EqD so if you're visiting from there things should be quite comfy.

    The staff here at BCB will try our best to update each day with new content from around the fandom, updating hopefully at least once every two-three hours at first while we dig for content and for you guys to send us in interesting tidbits! That's right, just like with Equestria Daily, Beach City Bugle aims to be a massive content aggregate for the SU fandom, encompassing as much as it can, but it's largely up to you guys to send your creations (or ones you find) to us!

    You can send all content emails to our submit box at beachcitybugle@gmail.com. For more detailed submission guidelines, please check out our submission post here. Also, if you are ever curious about the source of the picture used as a header, try clicking it! We'll try and make sure they are click through to the source as best we can.

    Once again, welcome! We hope you enjoy your time here at Beach City Bugle.

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