• Nightly Roundup Introduction

    Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever Roundup post! This post will serve as a guideline on what to submit to the site to end up in these posts. What are Roundups? Well, they are like a little newsletter at the end of the day that highlights things that can't quite get a front page post.

    Things that can go in Roundups include:

    • Successful meetups, and sites/meetups/groups looking for more people to join or help
    • Personal ads for projects and the like.
    • Silly little things like SU themed baked goods, signs of SU in the real world, ect
    • Podcasts that deal with the show or have had episodes about the show
    • Dubs of fanmade material like comics, fan fiction, ect
    • Pretty much anything!
    Information can be sent to the main submit box at beachcitybugle@gmail.com. Just make sure to include in your subject that you'd like to be in the Roundup!

    So make sure to send in your little news tidbits! I look forward to seeing what you guys send in.

    Twitter: Calpain