• Another Steven Universe Party!

    We posted pictures of an amazing SU themed party yesterday. Well, Tetisuka sent us these amazing pictures of the party she threw! Thanks to http://birduyen.tumblr.com/, who made the cupcake topper art. Be sure to check after the break for tons more photos! These SU parties are super cool!

    Cupcakes! The topper art is so adorable!

    Square Mom on a round cupcake.

     Widdle Peri and Jasper!

     Aww, look at those cute faces!

     These cupcakes are beautiful!

    Absolutely no shipping here.

     And Steven!

    Much simpler cupcakes.

     Not sure what these are, but they look delicious!

    Look at all those sweets!

     Lion treats!

     Oh my gosh those are adorable!

     Woah! Where can I get those Frybo fry holders?

    Fire Salt donuts! Very clever.

    Of course, no SU themed party will ever be complete without hot dogs!

    Cookie Cats!

    He's a pet for your tummy!


    Thanks to Tetisuka for submitting these pics!

    Twitter: Emerald