• Episode Followup: Cry For Help

     So, we start off this StevenBomb 3.0 with "Cry For Help"! More like crying in general amirite? Nyuk nyuk nyuk....... Okay let's do this.

    So we start off this whole shebang with a lovely viewing of everyone's favorite cartoon; Crying Breakfast Friends. What Amethyst, you don't understand it?....... It's okay, neither do I.

     Seems as if the TV's on the fritz and Amethyst has taken it upon herself to try and fix it. Keep doing what you're doin' Amethyst, that'll fix it eventually.

     But LO AND BEHOLD it turns out Peridot's been at it again and has jacked all the networks on the planet to call for help from Yellow Diamond. Though Steven wasn't the only one to notice the green Gem's distress call. 

     Feels like forever since we've been here and Sugilite was smashing this place to pieces. Am I the only one that's questioning how Peridot; the gem that a track record of booking it out of bad situations, managed to FIX this by herself? Nope, just me? Okay.

     "What we need now, is to be careful. It's you and me Pearl, let's fuse."
    You and me both Pearl, you and me both.

    Ever time a new fusion dance starts up I can't help but make small and very joyful noises. Also is it just me or are these dances getting, I dunno, more SUGGESTIVE?

    "Gooood evening everybody! This is the lovely Sardonyx comin' to you a-live from the soon-to-be former communication hub! How're y'all doin' tonight?"
    And with that we've got another fusion to add to the collection, and the final one I might add to complete the trifecta of Crystal Gem fusions. Introducing, Sardonyx! She reminds me of a Las Vegas style magician performer.

    "Well aren't you the sweetest little charmer. I could literally squish you right now."
    I am now filing this under the cutest interaction Steven has had with a fusion to date. Seriously, look at him getting all squished up by Sardonyx. 

     So what happens when you combine a spear and two giant gauntlets? Well of course you get a giant war-hammer with a star on top! This weapon suits her so much; it's amusing to look at, but very much dangerous as well.  

     So after a very artful and elegant show by Sardonyx as she dismantled the tower like a Jenga game, Pearl and Garnet celebrate in what I have to say is probably the happiest display I've seen from them both in a while.

     Though it seems they're the only ones celebrating tonight. Poor Amethyst is feeling a bit ostracized and sad. I feel like this is running tangent to how Coach Steven's plotline went. 

     "But it's a really good one so far!"
    "Not really..."
    Well everything's back to normal and all fixed up, and Steven's taken to watching Crying Breakfast Friends with Garnet this time around. They are just the cutest together. Also, what's that in the fridge I see..... MooMoo Milk you say?

    Though it seems not everything is fine as the signal comes back and interrupts Steven's show once more. So back they go to the communication hub to find it repaired once again, and this means they'll be taking it down again as well. What is it about how Sardonyx looks here that reminds of an anime girl from the 90's? I don't know.... 

     A solo song from Amethyst you say? Hmmm, we've been waiting for this one for a while no? Makes me happy, even if her song is a sad one.

    Two times is too many, so Amethyst and Steven do a stakeout to see if they can catch Peridot in the act and stop her before she can get the hub running again. Third time's the charm, right?

    But...... oh no... Instead of Peridot, what they catch is Pearl in the act of rebuilding the tower herself, and with Peridot's pod no less..... Pearl, what are you doing? 

    "You!... You shouldn't."
    "Pearl, we saw you... You need to tell Garnet it was you!" 
    Everything comes crashing down and Pearl gets caught in the act. This can't end well.....

    "Wait Garnet! We're so much weaker than you! Fusing with you is like our one chance to feel... stronger!"
    This is a really bad situation for Pearl, but Amethyst has stepped in to try and defend her. They may not get along at times, but this just proves that even in the face of as scary a leader as Garnet, Amethyst has got Pearl's back. I can't say it really worked this time though....

    "Amethyst! Fuse with me... Let's just get this over with." 
    Everything has fallen apart and Garnet ends up fusing with Amethyst to form Sugilite. With one very powerful and anger driven punch, the tower falls to pieces like a stack of cards. 

    Pearl can only watch in horror as the tower collapses in front of her. And now, much like the tower, Garnet's trust in her has broken as well.

     ...... This is something that's going to last a while, isn't it?

     Me too Amethyst... me too.

    So that's it for this one guys! Followup of StevenBomb 3.0 day one complete. What's today's episode again? Keystone Motel right? Something about a road trip? I'd like to say this will be an easy episode, but I thought the same of Chille Tid last time and look where THAT got me.

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