• Fan Theory: Why did Rose Quartz save the Earth?

    Was Rose Quartz really trying to save humans all along? Or did she have an entirely different reason for saving the Earth? Check out the theory after the break, and discuss for yourself in the comments!

    After watching 'We Need To Talk', it seemed a little odd how Rose Quartz treated humans. When she spoke to Greg, she appeared to see him more as a pet, plaything, or temporary entertainment. This is reinforced by the earlier song, 'What Can I Do For You?' when she says, "I like the way human beings play, I like playing along." Her reactions in that episode make it look as though she doesn't value humans as much as previously thought.

    'Lion 3: Straight to Video' appeared to clean cut how Rose felt about humans. But after 'We Need To Talk', her motives for saving the Earth seem a bit more questionable. When we first saw her recording in 'Lion 3: Straight to Video', there seemed to be no question that Rose loved humans. It was mentioned in 'We Need To Talk' that Rose had loved lots of people, but certainly not in the endearing way she appeared to in the VHS. I think Greg was the only human Rose had met so far that actually cared about her and wanted to get to know her, and taught her that there was more to humans than she thought.

    The Homeworld VS Earth/Crystal Gems war was over 5,000 years ago, as Pearl revealed in 'Rose's Scabbard'. So when the war began, human technology, and humans as a species, were not exceptionally advanced. For a super powerful basically immortal alien being, it wouldn't seem like there was much worth saving on Earth at that time.

    Perhaps Rose Quartz wasn't saving humans, so much as she was saving the Earth itself. Maybe Earth was the only planet that had the resources necessary to host the Kindergarten and create new gems. If the Homeworld had sucked the life out of the Earth and been able to create a huge army of gems, what would stop them from taking over the entire universe? Clearly, the Homeworld was not finished with the Kindergarten, indicating that they were intending to create many more gems before the Crystal Gems intervened. Perhaps Rose Quartz was not out to save humanity, so much as she wanted to stop the destruction of every living thing in the universe.

    What are your thoughts on this theory?

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