• One Month and 500k Later...

    Well gang, it has been one heck of a month! As some of you know, BCB has had a slightly difficult history back when it was first announced way back in March, but since launching the site has exceeded all my expectations and the future is very bright indeed. When I first came up with the idea for it a year ago in August and started talking to my friends about it I had no idea things would come this far.

    In just about a month we've cleared 500k pageviews, received just over 200 likes on Facebook, gained close to 200 followers on Twitter and have posted over 330 articles! That's an average of about 11 new posts a day give or take!

    When I first started the site I was afraid that I would run out of material to post after the first couple weeks as we played catch up, but I was wonderfully wrong! The SU fandom is incredibly productive and while some of the stuff we post is rough around the edges at times, I see great potential in fan creations going forward.

    So basically, what I'd like to say is thank you everyone for joining us on this new and wild ride! And a huge thank you to my amazing staff, I couldn't have gotten luckier and been more fortunate to meet and work with such an amazing group of people!

    Keep sending your stuff in folks! While comments may be slow on the site, the site is on an upward growth trend and once a community starts to establish itself here we'll really start to take off.

    For you stat nerds out there, check on after the break for a peek at some of our statistics for the month!

    -With Love,

    Calpain and the BCB Crew

    Until recently our biggest peek was just when the site launched, somewhere around the 23k mark where shortly after the site maintained a decent bump thanks to Steven Bomb 2.0! Things settled around the 13k mark for most of mid June, but as Steven Bomb 3.0 came nearer and nearer and word of the site began to spread we've seen an uptick in growth leading up to the next Steven Bomb. We've expecting numbers to remain high if not even higher once the Bomb explodes next week!

    While Equestria Daily remains our biggest all time referring site, numbers have started to grow from other locations as well! We've gotten increasing hits from Reddit, KnowYourMeme, Facebook, Google and even a bit from VK as well!

    When we break things down to look at the past week we can really see how things are picking up outside of links from Equestria Daily. Google searches have accounted for half the referring hits so far meaning more and more people are finding us from outside the EqD community and dropping in from all over the web!

    Finally, a look at our all time most popular posts! I never would have imagined that we'd have a post coming close to 10k views just a month after launch.

    So that's a quick look at the health of the site my friends! Once we hit a new milestone I'll make a similar post! Maybe we can hit 1 million even faster than we hit our first 500k!

    Twitter: Calpain