• Steven Bomb 3 Beach City BINGO!

    With Steven Bomb 3.0 just a week away, PLEASE CONTAIN YOUR HYPE, we wanted to let you all know about Steven Universe BINGO! marshmallowsupernova made an awesome Bingo card generator, in honor of Steven Bombs. Click here for the post.

    Here's the quick link for generating a card: http://www.redshirt.co.uk/bingo/newcard.html Remember to hit Share My Card at the bottom to get a unique link for your Bingo card. Otherwise, when you go back to the page, it will generate a whole new card for you. The BCB team will also have a unique card and be playing along during the week. We recommend not picking a card until the day of the first episode, just in case it gets updated. The Bingo card is for the whole week, not just each episode, so keep it handy every day! We'll have a post in a week where you can put your links in the comments so we can all check out who's close to a Bingo! That's also where we'll be posting our own Bingo card.

    Twitter: Emerald