• Cartoon Network Website Reveals Tons of New Episodes!

    The hiatus might still be making us antsy but Cartoon Network has given us a nice little gift today: a huge list of upcoming episode titles! Not sure if it is an error on Cartoon Network's part to reveal so many episodes, but its a boon to us as we get to see what is coming in the following months.

    Check after the break for a screen cap and a list of episode titles! Thanks to RDNRY, Fmysqirl and Fabricati for sending in all the info!

    >Same Old World
    >Hit the Diamond
    >Steven Floats
    >Too Short To Ride
    >Drop Beat Dad
    >Mr. Greg
    >The New Lars
    >Beach City Drift
    >Restaurant Wars
    >Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service
    >Monster Reunion
    >Alone at Sea
    >Greg the Babysitter
    >Gem Hunt
    >Crack the Whip
    >Steven vs. Amethyst
    >Beta - Part 1
    >Earthlings - Part 2
    >Back 2 The Moon - Part 3
    >The Kindergarten Kid
    >Gem Harvest
    >Know Your Fusion
    >Tiger Philanthropist
    >Last One Out of Beach City


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