• Drawing Things Out #55

    I just love traditional artwork, especially water colors. It takes some real skill to control runny paints like that in my opinion.

    Hey guys! Back to doing the Drawing Things Out feature alongside Emerald. Sorry if there are any repeats, it takes awhile to work out the kinks being back and all.

    [1] Source

    Garnet ~ Liquid Watercolors (Remake) by Limbo-Studios

    [2] Source

    Malachite - Semi-realistic by spelonberry

    [3] Source

    Steven Universe: A conversation by Antych

    [4] Source

    Steven Sketch by LuigiL

    [5] Source

    Amethyst (Steven Universe) by Aka-no-Sekai

    [6] Source

    steven universe - Pearl by syuanga

    [7] Source

    Steven Universe: Pearl by VioletMavisCanny

    [8] Source

    Zafiro (Fan art: Steven universe) by ItsJuanchy

    [9] Source

    guess i got carried away by cometobservatory

    [10] Source

    Steven Universe Perlas FanArt by xXAtroZXx

    [11] Source

    I AM LAPIS LAZULI by Anime-To-The-Moon

    [12] Source

    Lapis Lazuli by XxEndlessAbyssxX

    [13] Source

    Garnet Trio by Blackmoonrose13

    [14] Source

    A Giant Cardboard Woman by serenamidori

    [15] Source

    Space Archer Opal by junsouk95

    [16] Source

    Sworn of the Sword by LamunesADV

    [17] Source

    Space buds by Tigerparadise

    [18] Source

    And Steven! by HPHyde

    [19] Source

    .:Lion:. Freehand MSpaint Test by Ask-TheCornerQueen

    [20] Source

    Choose your Pokegem! by PanDeSalvado

    [21] Source

    Night Flight by Aimartih

    [22] Source

    Steven Universe FanArt: Japser and Peridot by Zipfelzeus

    [23] Source

    SU Lapis Lazuli by theBATCLAM

    [24] Source

    Steven Universe FanArt: Garnet, Ruby and Sapphire by Zipfelzeus

    [25] Source

    [26] Source
    Chill Mom

    [27] Source

    [28] Source
    Ice Cream Gems

    [29] Source

    [30] Source

    [31] Source
    Lapis Curl

    [32] Source
    Bottom of the Sea

    [33] Source

    [34] Source

    [35] Source

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