• One Queer, Two Queer, Red Queer, Blue Queer

    The hardest part of making this post was trying to figure out tags. Be sure to check out the cool poem below, featuring a bunch of SU characters in a Seussical style!

    One Queer (Two Queer)

    Red Queer, Blue Queer

    White Queer, Purple Queer

    Rose Queer

    Donut Queer

    This one is a little car, many of them have a star

    Say! What a lot of queers there are!

    Yes. Some are red, and some are blue.

    Some are old, and some are new.

    Some are sad

    And some are glad

    And some are very very bad

    Why are they sad, and glad, and bad?

    I do not know, go ask your dad

    Some are thin, and some are fat

    The fat one has a baseball bat

    From there

    To here

    From here

    To there

    Some are fast

    Some are slow

    Some are high

    Some are low

    Not one of them is like the other

    Don't ask me why, go ask your- oh, sorry.


    Twitter: Emerald