• Article: Steven Universe Is Quickly Becoming A Show About Flawed Mothers

    Here's another article revolving around 'Sadie's Song' and 'Nightmare Hospital'. The last two episodes really packed a punch, and it looks like a lot of social media sites are taking notice. I think this article described both episodes perfectly when it said they were about "a Mother so blinded by their love for their Child they can’t really see how they feel about things."

    I think that a lot of us, much like the author of this article, were a little bummed we didn't get to hear the mother/daughter resolution in 'Sadie's Song' like we did for Connie and her mom in 'Nightmare Hospital'. Steven's dress and dance were definitely cool, but it would've been nice to see how Sadie and Barb patched up their relationship. Check out the source below to read the full article!

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