• Season 2, Episode 21 Confirmed by TV Guide - UPDATED

    Some interesting news has appeared on the TV Guide website! Be sure to check out the info and spoilers, after the break! There will be some interesting surmising.

    So, here we see that TV Guide confirms 'Sadie's Song' as season 2, episode 21, and set to air September 17th. However, according to Wikipedia, only 15 episodes of season 2 have aired so far. 'Nightmare Hospital' has been confirmed by zap2it to be the next upcoming episode, on September 10th. So how could 'Sadie's Song' possibly be episode 21, as we'd only be on episode 16 on September 17? Not only that, but Lauren Zuke posted an interesting Tweet:

    Fans thought this indicated that the episode 'Catch and Release' would be airing. It's no secret that Lauren loves Lapis, and considering that that episode title is a fishing reference, it wasn't hard to connect the dots. But, Lauren also said her and Hilary's episode would be airing September 17 - which, as mentioned above, was confirmed by TV Guide as actually being 'Sadie's Song'. Of course, there's no reason 'Sadie's Song' couldn't be Lauren and Hilary's episode, but the question still remains as to why it was listed as episode 21.

    Well, feel free to speculate in the comments! We're just here to bring the news! Thanks to Evan for alerting us to the TV Guide update!


    Update! Looks like TV Guide's info about 'Sadie's Song' is probably inaccurate. TV Guide thinks that new episodes still aired in August (and also on Sunday's for some reason). It lists Nightmare Hospital as having already aired. TV Guide is probably correct about the airing order of episodes, which means that 'Catch and Release' is highly likely to be the next episode following Nightmare Hospital. Get ready for Lapis in less than 2 weeks!


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