• Fan Theory: Another Amethyst?

    Some of you may find this post a little spoilery regarding future episodes. All that's included that is 100% confirmed is some episode titles. However, the speculation has a good chance of being true, so it may end up spoiling the episode for you if this theory turns out to be correct. Anyway, there's your warning!

    There's something interesting to note in 'On the Run' about the Kindergarten. We all know Amethyst's hole is lower on the ground than the others, and that she emerged around 500 years after everybody else. Interestingly, in 'On the Run', ANOTHER hole close to the ground can be seen. Take that into account, along with:

    What if there is another late bloomer Amethyst incubating in the Kindergarten right now? Check out this upcoming episode title.

    And these? What if these episodes aren't even about OUR Amethyst?

    Although these could just turn out to be all about Amethyst's backstory and how Rose found her and Amethyst learning to use her weapon. What do you think? Could the leaked episode titles be alluding to ANOTHER Amethyst emerging after the Amethyst we all know and love (and who is the best gem according to Peridot)? Or is this theory just a bit too out there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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