• Episode Followup: Too Far

    New SU this Thursday boarded by Lauren and me! (Unless you were at NYComic Con and saw the sneak peak… It’s just another rerun for you peeps.)
    Too Far! I'll tell you what's too far, the next episode is Too Far! Away, I mean. Too far away. This episode was Too Far. That's the title. The epis... yeah ok, see you after the break.

    The page break, I mean.

    Oh hey, Connie's in this episode! What a great surprise! Of course she'd be in this one, she can use her engineering expertise to help build the drill.

     Rebecca MURDER (no it was not like that in the actual show)
    Oh, right, it's just the title sequence. Never mind!

    I really love how the title card/credits card for the episode changed to reflect the different setting. What a great way to remind us we're still at the barn.

    Even when she's off recording voice memos all by herself, Peridot does everything with style.
    Also hey, nice pickup truck. Who owns that? Is that the Gems' truck? Is it Greg's? Post a comment telling me whose truck that is. What's the make and model? How many miles are on it? Is it road-legal, or does it only have farm plates? Is it for sale? Excuse me while I check the Delmarva Craigslist.

    The episode's barely started and already we've got Amethyst and Steven being adorable. Can these two get any cuter?

    "That doesn't explain the spontaneous singing, crying, singing while crying..."
    Thank you for your swift response, TV show.
    Also, here's hoping we get some fan-works exploring what Peridot was referencing there vis-a-vis Pearl's singing/crying. C'mon fandom, I believe in you! You're strong in the real way!

    "I chased away those cows. Let's get to work."
    You might think that's mean of her, but Farmer Garnet wasn't going to take any chances. Cows can be downright dangerous!

    She also knows exactly how to deal with bigotry. Take the haters and tie 'em to a fence. That's a million times more effective than mere shaking. Garnet: 1, Taylor Swift: 0.

    "That's what I said."
    I'm with Amethyst on this one. Peridot's alternate names for things are hilarious! For easy reference, I have enumerated them here:

    Leverage Optimizer
    Scent Sponge
    Vision Sphere
    Rhythmatic Pulverizer
    Touch Stumps
    Gravity Connectors
    Perfect Reaction Image

    Oh hey, gems have gums! Headcanon updated.

    "You'll know when I'm joking!"
    Yikes! Don't sass the sass-master! Garnet is just knocking it out of the park this episode. Every second of her screen time is gold.

    "The Amethyst and the Steven have volunteered to help me dismantle this Era-One drill. How stylistically displeasing. The newer ones have a nicer finish."
    The new injectorDrill Era Two. The only thing that's changed is everything.
    I wonder if Jony Ive has a gemsona...

    "Two clods!"
    "Walking around like she's one clod!"
    Make fun all you want, Dot. You'll be doing it soon enough. The fandom demands it! We need Tourmaline!

    I don't know what this hand gesture is supposed to mean, but I'm afraid to ask.

    Oh ok, that's better.

    Um Amethyst? You're scaring me. Can we uh... can we just go back to pointin' at butts?

    Peridot just looks so happy when she's info-bombing someone's life into pieces.

    Here it is folks, the point of the episode where Peridot goes Too Far. That's why they called it that! Dang, Amethyst. From stars and smiles to "I'm about to break" in 30 seconds flat.

    "You're a Quartz! They're huge, loyal soldiers. You should be twice your size, broad-shouldered, intimidating... but you simply stayed in the ground too long."
    "Are you saying I'm wrong?"
    Ok, this is BIG (sorry Amethyst). This means that the alien gems do follow the gem groups we've come up with on Earth. Quartz IS Quartz, and the gems that are varieties of Quartz share properties. If you've read Guide to the Crystal Gems, you'll recall that Amethyst's gem type is Quartz. So is Steven, but he's a special case. There's 3 non-human Quartz gems that we've met so far...
    Yup, Jasper is also a variety of Quartz. This explains why Rose and Jasper are so big, even though they're not fusions. Update your headcanons and OCs accordingly, folks!

    Peridot is just so wonderfully happy this episode. She's finally integrating into Earth culture! Oh Peri, you're best reformed gem!

    MFW working on this post

    "That was the incorrect response."
    MFW reading the comments section for this post

    Peridot just makes so many stellar faces this episode.

    The cool gem acknowledged her earlier, now they're friends for life!

    "You're all just rocks! Ruddy muddy clumps
    beneath my Gravity Connectors!"

    Those playground friendships never last though. It's enough to make you want to throw a tantrum.

    Nice try guys, but Peridot's got best face on lock for this episode.

    "This little thing... [Muttering Angrily]"
    We get more Perigrumbles! Another reason why Peridot is amazing.

    No, Steven! Remember the Teacups!

    Another "Peri" of Dot faces for you! Ha-ha! Ok I'll leave the puns to Steven.

    Don't get off this ride yet Steven, you're the only one who can stop this drill before it runs over...

    ...Amethyst! But Peridot saves the day!

    Great job, Steven! Now all you have to do is pull out that wire and...

    Ok, or that! That.... that works too.

    "It's ok! Everything's ok! It was just a drill! Heh heh..."
    Steven, you are relieved from pun duty for the rest of this episode. Now let's check in on Peridot and...

    Oh hey Amethyst, looking a little disheveled there, you ok? Wait a minute...

    Uh oh.

    Awww HECK yeah! Brand new ship USS Amedot, ready to set sail! Remember folks, it's not forced if it's canon!

    "We leave for one second and everything goes off the rails!"
    You had your chance, Pearl! If you wanted it, you should've stayed fused with it. Or something. For maybe a whole week. Subtle plug!

    "I blame the cows."
    See? I told you! Cows are dangerous! Farmer Garnet has been spending this entire episode keeping them in line!

    Oh hey, sweet unicycle. How'd that get there? Did Greg bury it? Post a comment and tell me how the unicycle got buried. Also tell me which gem you want to see riding it first.

    A nice shot of Peridot's cassette recorder. It was probably made in China, so I was partially right!
    Also, all the log entries in this episode have been "Log Date 7112." Assuming 7112 is a number of days, that's almost 19.5 years. Is that the mission duration, or are these Peri's personal logs? If the latter, does that mean Peridot is just shy of 20 years old?
    I dunno, I probably should've scrambled through the other Peridot episodes to see if she gives out other Log Dates, but I'm running low on time. Let me know in the comments if you can figure anything out about these Log Dates.

    Will this ice ever melt?

    Now kiss....

    Peridot's got a crush! Ok ok ok, I know, she just admires Amethyst because she's the "highest ranking" gem and stuff... but come on, that's what people said about Pearl and Rose and we all know how that turned out.

    "How do you feel?" "Big."
    And I feel exhausted! This was one heck of an episode, and I can't wait for next week when...

    Oh right.

    Darn it.