• Fan Theory: Gem Hierarchy

    Is there more to Amethyst, and quartz gems in general, than meets the eye? Amethyst, Jasper, and Steven are all quartz gems, so they're probably all viewed in high authority by Peridot. Of course, since Jasper isn't around and Steven is only half gem, Amethyst is naturally seen as the strongest of the bunch. Ruby and Sapphire are both minerals, as is Peridot. Pearl is also a mineral, so it's odd that she would rank lower on the Homeworld totem pole than Peridot. I wonder where rubies and sapphires fall in regards to ranking. Hopefully that's something that'll be revealed once the hiatus ends. Check out some more fan speculation, after the break!

    So we know that Amethyst was described as a
    by Peridot. We also know that they are higher in rank than Peridots. But what is their role when there is no war or conflict for them to engage in?
    The answer, I have deduced, is that their role is to keep other gems in line.
    After Peridot asks Amethyst to help her with the drill, Amethyst uses her whip to do the task.
    Right after Amethyst uses her whip, Peridot says: 
    So we can assume all Amethysts (the Amethyst and her conversation about amethyst in general imply that there are many) have weapons that are whips or similar.
    Using this foundation, we can understand this scene:

    Peridot is afraid of being reprimanded by a towel made to look like a whip. If you remember, Peridot thinks Steven is a type of Quartz and thus his role would be to use it to punish her for trying to escape. This added to how Peridot believes that Amethyst should be giving orders and the fact that whips are often used for discipline strongly support this theory.
    Edit: Also - One of the upcoming episodes is Crack the Whip. Hello?
    Crack the Whip means to behave in a domineering manner; demand hard work and efficiency from those under one’s control.

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