• Fan Theory: Opal's Personality

    We've seen very little of Opal, and don't know much about her. We got to know Sugilite and Sardonyx during their episodes, and of course we know lots about Garnet. However, Opal was glossed over, and had such a limited appearance. Check out some thoughts about her personality, after the break!

    So, you know how Garnet loves herself so much because Ruby and Sapphire are happy and proud and confident?
    Well, we know both Pearl and Amethyst have major self worth/esteem issues…What if the reason Pearl and Amethyst almost never form Opal is because Opal absolutely hates herself? The only times we see her is when others are at a serious risk, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t truly functional as a fusion unless she is preoccupied with the safety of others. 
    And yes, she stayed fused for a little while after the immediate threat passed, and I’d say she was feeling proud…for once. Going off of the other time we saw Opal, she often fails because she is only formed when she is really, really needed. For a couple seconds she was able to have accomplished something and proven herself to Garnet (who she likely sees a a much better fusion than herself)… 
    And then, upon realizing that she *didn’t* succeed, she immediately unfuses.

    May I add, I also believe Opal herself refuses to fuse. Like when Pearl and Amethyst try and they have a really hard time?? That’s not just them having problems. Opal doesn’t want to be formed because she feels like a tool. Her halves only use her for superficial reasons (admittedly for a good purpose). There’s NO WAY Amethyst and Pearl are so messed up and Opal got none of it. She probably has double the amount of the self hatred and low self esteem and she feels useless in comparison to other fusions who are clearly stronger than her (we know how much that aspect bothers amethyst and pearl). Like HOLY SHIT STOP TREATING OPAL LIKE SHE’S PERFECT SHE LITERALLY HAS ALL THE POTENTIAL TO BE THE MOST COMPLEX AND MESSED UP FUSION WE’VE SEEN SO FAR.

    So what do you think? Are these theories spot on or absolutely the opposite of what you think Opal would be? Leave your own thoughts about her personality in the comments!

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