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    Wall Gems - Original Image - Casual Amethyst - Garnet Vector
    Amethyst Fits Right In - Original Image - Penny Ling
    Rafting the Li River - Original Image
    Pearl Inspires the Terracotta Army - Original Image
    Peridot Visits the Shanghai Apple Store - Original Image
    Ok, hear me out. Last episode, they were going to drill though the Earth. In this episode, they go Too Far. So that must mean that the Crystal Gems drill out the other side of the Earth and end up in China! Oh man, I wonder what the Gems will get up to there. Maybe Amethyst will try some authentic Chinese cuisine. Pearl could sample some tea. Peridot might rebuild her limb extensions with the help of one of the tech manufacturers they have over there. Garnet will keep being awesome. And Steven will probably take a ton of pictures with a camera he inexplicably brought. This is going to be a fun episode!

    Come see the sights with us at the new time of 7:30 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network (that's 7:30 AM China Standard Time). If you're traveling abroad or otherwise can't get to a TV, check your firewall settings, then join us in the streams after the break.

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