• Fan Theory: Diamond Authority statues in “Sworn to the Sword”?

    An interesting and pretty in-depth fan theory popped up in our inbox. We've already seen the silhouetted version of Yellow Diamond, for sure, and because Peridot has directly mentioned her, we know her to exist. Prior to Yellow Diamond being mentioned, there were hints about the 'Diamond Authority', as fans tend to call it, and even more continued to be revealed after her name and partial appearance were in the show. Check out some more info that we've been given from the show about the Diamond gems, after the break!

    To start things off, this is massive spoiler territory, so be warned. Also, I haven’t seen anyone talk about this theory before, but I’m sure someone has, so I do not claim in ANY way that I was the first one to think of this. I just thought I would point it out, since I’ve never seen this mentioned.
    Two steven bombs ago we experienced what is one of my favorite episodes, Sworn to the Sword. As many fans have noticed, the crewniverse just loves to put in little things into each of their episodes that end up becoming important, such as the bracelet in Gem Glow: 

    And all those little hints that Garnet was a fusion before the official reveal in Jail Break. And recently, I think I may have found one of these little Hint Nuggets. 
    Before I start off, I would like to point out that this theory leans on the idea that Rose Quartz is actually Pink Diamond, so keep that in mind as I explain my thinking. 
    Anyways, do you all remember how in Sworn to the Sword, they went to an old gem colluseum that predated the gem war? It had lots of old gem history in it like the entrance having the old Homeworld banner:

    There were also some cool statues, and some collumns. Wait a moment, let’s go back to those statues for a sec:

    Hmm. Those are some pretty sweet statues. If I recall, a large amount of sculptures in old cultures depicted deities or rulers. As of this moment in the show, we don’t really know if gems have any form of religion, so let’s just put that to the side. 

    So if they aren’t depicting deities, they must be depicting rulers. So that would mean that the statues are probably fashioned after the great “Diamond Authority”. It looks like there used to be four statues, so that would actually make a lot of sense, with each statue depicting one of the Diamond Authority (Pink, Yellow, White, and Blue). Hmm, if you think about it, the statue on the top-left actually looks a bit like Yellow Diamond, at least from what we could see in the extended intro. Let’s take a look:

    They both have really broad shoulders, and a short hairstyle. They also both have this pompadour thing going on. Does this mean that this is what Yellow Diamon really looks like? This would also mean that her weapon is most likely a sword, unless they’re just meant to be using weapons you would typically see in a colluseum (Pearl often uses a sword, after all).  Also, this is relatively insignificant, but it would also reveal that her gem is on her chest,
    There are three other statues along with Yellow Diamond. 
    A broken statue on the bottom-left:

    A statue on the top-right:

    And another on the bottom-right:

     I’m assuming the broken one is probably Pink Diamond, going with the whole traitor motif. It would also hide the fact that Rose is (maybe) Pink Diamond.  And then there are the other two, which are definitely Blue and White Diamond. But which one is which? Theories about the Diamond Authority usually say that Blue Diamond is based on power, and White Diamond is based off beauty. This leads me to believe that the top-right statue is White because she seems very elegant, and the bottom-right one is Blue because she looks powerful and masculine. (This is also unrelated, but am I the only one that thinks the top-right statue looks a LOT like Pearl? The similar hair, the lance, I just found that strange.)
    So what do you think? Is it posible that we finally discerned the appearances of the Diamonds, or am I just crazy? Only time will tell.

    Thanks for the submission!

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