• Fan Theory: Pearl's Like Collecting

    Ho man, this theory kind of got me right in the feels. Right there. Shot through the heart. This is actually a pretty cool theory, and honestly seems pretty plausible given what we've learned from the show. Read about pearl's, after the break!

    I'm really messed up about the idea of Pearls living out their lives surrounded by beauty and luxury and owning none of it, knowing none of it was intended for them.
    What if Homeworld pearls make it sound like that’s how they convince themselves they’re getting a square deal, the exchange for their lack of personhood and their disposability is that ‘they show us mercy–they let us live in proximity to their splendor, for however short a time.’ But they’re not allowed to have their own possessions, or even ownership of themselves, and there’s this idea that it’s part of the secret community that pearls carry on with each other that they very selectively save things that no one else wants and the two or three things they choose to save are like…a pseudo-identity, almost, the only thing about them that says anything about who they are.
    Some gems who have pearls working for them turn a blind eye to this and some genuinely don’t know and some don’t tolerate it because they see it as insubordinate and confiscate these little possessions and they see that as nothing. But to a pearl (and any pearls she happens to regularly interact with) it’s a huge deal.
    Higher-ranked gems JOKE about it constantly, like why in the heck is it that you can dress a pearl in the highest fashion and give her a fancy suite to stay in and bring her around to all the poshest parties and cultural events and then the thing she prizes most in the world will be like, a pen someone lost or a bit of foil from a package–because those who take the ability to buy or acquire things and own things as their property for granted can never understand that yes, something might shabby and worthless and discarded but it’s YOURS and you can do what you want with it, if you give it to someone it means something, it’s not expected and accepted that it’ll be taken away immediately if you step out of line
    Not the most coherent conclusion but this also would be an interesting reason why Pearl takes Amethyst’s pack rat tendencies as such a seemingly personal offense.
    Also, picture new-to-earth Pearl hanging around the same humans who introduced her to “the concept of being a knight” and, also introducing her to the concept of taking your vanquished foes’ weapons as trophies after a battle and Pearl just getting a wide-eyed crazy grin on her face and immediately starting her kickass sword collection.

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