• Article: Steven Universe Isn't Just for Kids, and It's Coming Back in January

    There have been many scenes in Steven Universe that have made us ask, 'wait, this is for kids?' Whether it's a horrifying episode about being trapped in a hospital with deformed monsters, adult innuendo like Rose Quartz's "oh yes", or an inanimate mascot suit coming to life and being covered in blood-like ketchup, it's safe to say that SU doesn't pull any punches.

    That aside, Steven Universe also challenges kids to think. To always ask questions if something doesn't seem right. To question ourselves, and learn more about our personalities and the world around us. To actually talk with people to resolve problems, instead of just going about the day to day and ignoring them. SU teaches open communication and honesty, which most cartoons seem to think are too mature of topics to broach with kids. And, as Rebecca Sugar eloquently put it, SU is out to teach that it's okay to feel like an alien among humans.

    Be sure to read the full article below, and more about why Steven Universe is not just a kids cartoon. (And even though it mentions episodes return in January, there are no spoilers.)