• Fan Theory: Steven's Age

    With an episode titled 'Steven's Birthday' upcoming, this will be the second birthday that Steven has had on screen. Some fans have questions about Steven's age, especially based on what we learned in 'So Many Birthdays' - Steven can age himself up or down at will. While this still isn't a refined power, it does still raise questions about how fast he's been shown to grow in show, as well as other questions. Check out the theory, after the break!

    …I would like to reassert my absolute confidence that Steven’s physical age has never matched his literal age. We know from the episode “Too Many Birthdays” that the kid can change his age based on his mindset. We reportedly know that something about Steven’s age in itself is spoiler-worthy. And I’d argue that we’ve already been given enough little hints to support this idea. For example, why is Steven still the exact same height if we’ve covered morethan a year of his prepubescent life already? What was so alien-grade-freakish about baby Steven that made Greg agree to withhold him from human schooling forever? Because don’t even TRY to tell me that Rose “Humans-Are-The-Best-Shit-Ever” Quartz wouldn’t have requested that her son learn BOTH human and gem stuff unless something about him made it literally impossible to fit in with human children! And why does Steven suddenly shoot up from a toddler to his current age in the extended intro? There is no goddamn way that it took the gems thatmany years to build that simple human housing structure. Especially after they spoke to the TODDLER version of Steven as if he was moving in with them very soon.
    Conclusion? Steven doesn’t just change his age based on his mindset every once and a while. It’s actually the onlyway he ages. And it’s very likely that this means that his apparent age is not his real age.
    Maybe I’m off base here, but I’m looking forward to Steven’s first permanent on-screen age up during “Steven’s Birthday”. I’d also venture that it will be caused by Connie. She’s guaranteed to be invited to the party, and her natural human aging is the most obvious way to bring up the fact that Steven… doesn’t.

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