• Story: The Snow Keeps Falling

    Aw man, my first SU fan art and it’s a sad Pearl. D’:

    Author: The_PalletShipping_Ninja
    Description: Pearl hates Christmas. She's a real Scrooge about it.
    Okay, maybe it isn't Christmas she hates, but the feelings it brings. The same corny Christmas songs are blaring out every time she goes grocery shopping, reds and whites and greens are everywhere, snow blankets the ground and most infuriating of all, everyone is smiling. All they do is smile, and laugh, sing and dance and parade around with their loved ones.
    Yes, Pearl can't fathom why everyone is so damn happy this time of year.
    (Pearl is depressed, Rose is dead, and Steven is nearly three years old.)
    The Snow Keeps Falling