• Episode Followup: It Could've Been Great

    Man, how am I supposed to follow up Dave’s wacky and well edited reviews with my plain and analytical ones? Dave has brought shame upon my simple episode follow ups. SHAME, I tell you!

    Well, let’s dive in, back to Emerald’s lame episode analysises!

    Aww, look how peaceful they are! It’s really neat to see the gems sit back and chill. After episodes like Chille Tid where they were resistant to resting and Steven Bomb 3 when Pearl was running herself ragged, it’s nice that they seem to have redeveloped their bond with each other and can take time off.

     But of course, the green bean cannot leave them in peace.

    A break? What the heckie is that?! If you’ve ever volunteered for a convention, these are the two types of people. Those that take breaks, and those who don’t understand how anyone can take a break.

    Imagine if Homeworld didn’t have music and Rose Quartz went down to Earth and she heard it for the first time and that’s when she decided this planet is beautiful and must be protected, and that’s why she fell in love with Greg the musician.

    “You’re not making anything!” Peridot being a technician type probably means that she sees making something as being a physical touchable object.

    “Interest without meaning? Solutions without problems?” Peridot has discovered music and it has caused an existential crisis.

    She just wants to be tall!

    She's finally coming around to being one of the gems!
    Telling tales of Homeworld, perhaps?

    You know how fans latch onto new characters really quickly? Well where's my spin off series about this lady bug we saw for 2 seconds? Huh?!

     Remember that time that Garnet crushed Peridot with her hands? Yeah I’d be scared if I felt them touching me too. Thanks for helping us build the drill Peridot! Now back in your bubble!

     Peridot wasn’t helping build the drill! She was really building herself four extra arms!

    What's that?

    Subtle affection?! 👀

    She smol

    On the moon, you say?




    I wonder what’s so different about warping with Lion rather than using a warp pad. The gems look pretty uncertain about this ride, yet they warp around Earth all the time.

    They look almost scared. Well, Peridot does, definitely.

    I have an idea! Let's take Peridot to an amusement park and put her on all the roller coasters!

    Eat the power ring Lion!

    Absorb its power!
    Don't worry Pearl, I'm sure grabbing Amethyst's boobs will save you!

    Someone photo shop these two faces onto two people on the front of a roller coaster.
    The inside of Lion’s super warp is actually just a giant jawbreaker.

    So how far is Lion able to warp? The moon is pretty far. It seemed to take a lot out of Lion though, so he probably couldn't warp all the way to Homeworld.

    Still, that's 238,900 miles. One trip around the world is just 24,901.

    Peridot is just as clumsy in space as she is on Earth. And she can't blame it on a change in gravity!

    Amethyst opens the door, Steven flies off into space, Matt Burnett’s tweet comes true.

    I can’t believe Steven wore sandals to space. That seems impractical.

    Nailed it. 

    Huh, an image of Blue Diamond. She doesn't seem to be wearing her hooded cloak here. Also, what's that next to her...


    Anyway's Peridot is distracted by something else so moving on!

    Like a kid running for the ice cream truck.

    So, the Great Diamond Authority is confirmed.

    “Hey, look over there, another planet to betray!” Or, er, a control service!




    Um okay let's not mention who this is. White Diamond? Pink Diamond?

    Yeah alright, that foreshadowing (eventually they’re going to have to come back to the moon to explain that room) was not subtle at all.

    The fan theory about the moon base was right!

    I can’t believe Peridot just used the word “golly.”

    I bet on Homeworld, you ALWAYS have to follow orders because someone is ALWAYS watching. how weird must it be to have freedom and not worry about judgement?

    That’s right Peridot! You can’t get in trouble if law enforcement isn’t around to see the crime.

    Wait, where was the cluster planted according to a modern US map?


    Hmm, a map of all gem structures that were built on Earth. 14 in total. I wonder how many we've already seen the gems visit. Let's see...

    Lunar Sea Spire (Cheeseburger Backpack)

    Ancient Sky Arena (Sworn to the Sword)

    Sea Shrine (Steven and the Stevens)

    Sky Spire (Giant Woman)

    Communication Hub (Coach Steven)

    No idea.

    Also no idea.

    Galaxy Warp (Space Race)

    Fan theory: Lapis’ powers were used to drain water from planets that were going to be colonized.

    "I know what the diamond means... Polymorphic sentient rocks! They're here to hollow out the Earth! It's part of the Great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form!"

    I think Peridot needs to hear the story of Rose Quartz’s terrifying renegade Pearl.

    Peridot you better be scared because Garnet's about to throw a smack down.

    That was almost your face, Peri.


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