• Fan Theory: Pearl's Original Owner

    So we know that pearl's are supposed to have owners, right? They can't be formed without someone to own them first, which judging from some recent episodes, is the same for all gems. They are not created unless they will have an assigned purpose. All gems serve a Diamond when they are first born. Most fans agree that Pearl did not belong to Rose Quartz. But what if she wasn't even made for Rose Quartz in the first place? What if she belonged to a Diamond... but not the one you'd think? (Make sure you've seen all the current episodes, including today's, because there're spoilers!)

    If we notice the two most recent pearls we've seen, their gem placement matches that of their owners.


    But notice that Pearl's gem is on her forehead:

    And as we know well, Rose Quartz's gem is on her stomach:

    But is there a Diamond that has a gem on their forehead? Absolutely.

    But which Diamond IS this? We know it's not Yellow or Blue. Judging from the Diamond Authority symbol we've seen around the show, it appears to be White Diamond:

    Which does make sense, as Pearl definitely has more pale/white skin, and the other two pearl's have definitive yellow and blue shades. So how did White Diamond's pearl end up with Rose Quartz? And who is Pink Diamond?


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