• Episode Followup: Log Date 7 15 2

    What an amazing episode Hilary and Lauren put together for us! Let's jump right in!

    It's great that Peridot is a Crystal Gem now, isn't it!

    I can't believe someone animates every ridiculous Peridot face we see.

    When you go to bed and then remember something you regret. Humans don’t even need tape recorders to remember the unfortunate things we’ve done.

    We all have days like this, Peridot.

    "Now I’m a rebel, a traitor!" The only traits you need to be a Crystal Gem. You don’t actually need any morals or sound reasoning.

    Come on Peridot, time for your nap.

    Peridot, do not eat Steven's finger!

    She sneep snoop

    Oh boy, they’re finally meeting for the first time! What’s Peridot going to say?

    Peridot thinks all clothes are called shirts!

    How many times will Lauren Zuke self insert herself? Hopefully many more because I love it!

    Garnet’s seal of approval! It’s okay to wear the shorts Peridot. You look fly!

    And clothes are “appearance modifiers.”

    “You give them to your friends and they go, ‘Wow, thanks!’”

    I love how literal the books in this show always are.

    I see what you did there...

    See the blue shape on her hat, and her blue scarf, which has tear drop outlines on it.

    See the yellow diamond on his hat and shirt and his necklace with Peridot's gem.


    It’s the subtext. (Also the voices of the campers are Pearl and Amethyst)

    WAIT, did Peridot just say Pierre and Percy? But Percy was the blonde boy and Pierre is a guy’s name HOLD ON A SECOND. Ladies and gentlemen, Peridot just low key shipped an actual gay couple on children’s television.

    Trying to show off your fanfics/artwork like

    And fans have been trying to piece it together ever since. Source 1 Source 2

    I remember this part.

    And this one.

    Garnet ships it too!

    When you get someone to agree with your ship.

    Pearl always makes this face when she’s trying not to laugh at Amethyst.

    Garnet still thinks you're cool!


    This show just memes itself. Fans don’t even have to try anymore.

    One of the most accurate lines of the series.

    Ah, you want to be careful Pearl? What does that me-

    Dang she's smooth.


    Remember that time two episodes ago when Pearl danced like Amethyst?

    We Hopal-ed for Opal and there she Gopal!

    What the heckie?!

    I can't believe how fast fans make these edits, but this is beautiful.

    I like that even though Peridot said yes at first, when she changed her mind and said no, Garnet didn't put any pressure on her to keep going.

    Well, I give the episode a solid 6 thumbs up!


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