• Happy New Year From the Crewniverse!

    Get hype for new episodes! Starting on Monday, just a few days away! Check out a concept image of the barn and its surroundings, after the break!

    Steven Universe: Back To The Barn

    On Monday January 4 new episodes of Steven Universe start airing! It’s the continuation of what we informally called “The Barn Arc”!

    We hadn’t used the barn as a location since Space Race! The Barn is a super fun location because it’s full of old junk. You can believe that there’s old cars, old planes, all kinds of building materials inside.

    Since they would be living there we realized that we needed to flesh out the area a little more. Here’s my original sketch of what it could look like. I especially wanted to add a silo. We didn’t use all of these ideas but a couple of them will show up in next week’s episodes. Please watch them!!!

    Also I drew a tiny Peridot in this image can you find her??????!


    Twitter: Emerald