• Steven Universe goes to the moon

    Check out this great review from the A.V. Club! Looks like they also have a rating bar on their site, and 61 voters gave this episode an average of A-. What would you rate the episode, on a scale of A through F? What about out of 5 stars? This was a great episode that showed the gems are learning from Steven. He taught Pearl how to sleep, and in doing so, inadvertently taught all the gems that it's okay to get rest and relax sometimes (of course, Amethyst already knew this). Gems don't require sleep or food, so on Homeworld, there's nothing to stop them from working all day, every day. But Earth rules are different, and Peridot is just starting to discover that life can be fun and joyful, even if you're not blindly serving an all powerful leader. Read the review below for more!

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