• Fan Theory: Steven's Birthday Month

    So we now know Steven is 14, but we don't have an actual date for his birthday. But there's an interesting theory based on clues from the show that may actually determine what month his birthday is in, as well as Connie's. And the answer seems exactly like something Rebecca Sugar would have premeditated.

    So lots of people are hoping that Steven’s birthday is in January because the birthstone for January is Garnet. While that is a really cute idea, I’ve got another one!
    First off, January wouldn’t make sense with the rough timeline we’re given. It would make much more sense if the current episodes are taking place in July. The first piece of evidence pertaining to this being in “Onion Friend”.
    Here we’ve got Vidalia’s list of dates of when her husband comes home. If this list is up to date, we can see that “Onion Friend” takes place in June. So Steven’s birthday being in January is out of the question. It makes more sense for his birthday to be in July.
    Our second piece of evidence is Peridot’s logs. At the beginning of every log, Peridot says the date. In fact, the episode this Friday is called “Log Date: 7 15 2″ While I guess the numbers could be referring to some alien date system, if it’s the dates for Earth time, the 7 very obviously means July. 2 wouldn’t be right for a month because that would be February, we already established that it’s pretty much impossible for it to be January so February isn’t an option either. And 15 couldn’t work for a month being that there’s only 12. So the date is probably July 2nd 2015. (Or July 15th 2002, which doesn’t make sense to me AT ALL. But it’s a possibility, I guess. We’ve never gotten an exact year for the show as far as I remember.) So it was probably July 2nd when Peridot made her log. Peridot made her log very close to Steven’s birthday!
    Okay, so Steven’s birthday is in the beginning of July. Connie is a year and a quarter younger than him.
    Three fourths of a year would be 3 months. If Steven’s birthday is at the beginning of July it wouldn’t be a stretch for Connie’s birthday to be at the end of September. Why is this so important? Well…

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