• Fan Theory: Who Lapis Used To Be

    There are many theories surround Lapis Lazuli. There is still so little we know about her. How did she get in the mirror? What was her purpose on Homeworld? Why was she left on Earth? Why was it important that the Crystal Gems know who she was? Check out some theories about Lapis, below!

    So, I’ve been thinking about the earth colony and how Lapis Lazuli could kind of fit into this in a role of importance, especially because Blue Diamond apparently had some sort of role in the colony as well. Lapis seems to introduce herself very highly and violently, especially with her line, “did you ever wonder who I used to be?” and general demeanor of showing off her power as if it is something to be marveled at. I was looking at the map of the earth colony, and the plan– and the plan was to do this:

    Essentially hull out the earth in order to extract its materials and resources. Now, i was wondering how they’d manage to move all of that mass, and it got me thinking about how easily Lapis Lazuli seemed to adapt to understand she could command the whole ocean to help her– without thinking, it was her first go-to plan without flight.

    She moves the entire thing with incredible ease. It doesn’t take her any time at all to essentially pick up the entire body of water and stack it in a pillar in space– as if she’s done it before.
    So, my theory is that who Lapis used to be was an extremely powerful gem in Blue Diamond’s court whose purpose and assignment was to use her immense strength and control over water to hull out the Earth using its own ocean to make room for the colony and expose the core. In fact, Lapis may have even started this operation already:

    Around the area of Siberia before for some reason and somehow, she was stopped. As to how and why she ended up in a mirror? I don’t have any idea. But I think her original objective was to use Earth’s ocean to carve it out for the colony, and that’s why she used to be so important, and is vengeful and angry particularly about her own title.
    In fact, now that we know that gems can have multiples, Lapis’ name probably is her own title. If she’s a rare gem, saying “I’m Lapis Lazuli” is essentially the equivalent of saying that she is a very rare and powerful subtype.

    Twitter: Emerald