• Story: Warmth

    finally this request; trans gals pearl n amethyst going on a d8 they go out to have fun but it snows unexpectedly and pearl gets mad at amethyst for not wearing warmer clothes so they fight the whole time. the date is miserable. amethyst catches a cold and won’t admit it for a long time but eventually has to, rly grouchy bout it cause she thinks pearl will totally gloat about being right but pearl just carries her home and doesn’t say anything about how shitty the date was or how silly they were being she just kinda chats and it makes amethyst feel a bit less like she ruined their time 2gether (plus she gets to ride piggyback which is ideal)
    [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: cym70
    Description: Amethyst enjoys winter, but it's always best when Pearl is there beside her.

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Human