• Drawing Things Out #281

    Lapis Lazuli by Shihuyan

    While Emerald's away, Mynder shall-!... Panic about not remembering how to run a website and frantically try to get everything together. How y'all doin' tonight?

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    If I keep posting stuff like this, you know I’m procrastinating because I really shouldn’t have time for this. 

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    midnight dawn

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    Ok, so, this thing is rather old, buuuut I wanted to animate it for ages. I changed a few things, expecially de background, now it’s all more sparkly and stuff.Deviantart|Facebook|RedBubble

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    sorry for the inactivity everyone!! i’ve been really busy with life lately but I’ll try to get back into regular updating soon T__Tanyways I drew this for my friend’s birthday yesterday bc they rly love lapis!! pls check out their adorable art!! 

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    breaking in this blog with a pearl!

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    Pearl doodle![Amethyst]

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    You can’t really say no to angry cuddles

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    She made me feel like I was everything

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    Can I say how much I’m in love with this design? 

I really love it.

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    ( ´◕ ▽ ◕` ) Lapislázuli! 

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    ready 2 fight

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    you already are the answer.(a new print for gold coast & melbourne supanova!)

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    “Gem Origins - Lapis Lazuli”

Typically found in mines, Lapis Lazuli was favored for its deep blue color and often used for dyes and paints.

Also availiable as a shirt design on my Teepublic here!

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Only lonely hid the morning from the starsOnly only weeping glimmers in the dark

a redraw of this

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    Amethyst by MagicalChan

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    18x24 inch painting of Alexandrite. I drew the same thing with markers a little bit ago and I decided to paint it as well! Original is for sale but you can also get prints! Message me for inquiries!

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    Really digging the gems’ early designs! Designs taken from here and here

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    growing it out

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    !! Best giant mom !!
(Art by me!)

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    the most plush momnot a sharp edge on her

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    im not gonna finish this, but here’s my darlin opal :’)