• Fan Theory: Door Inconsistency

    SU does have a few animation errors or things the Crewniverse overlooks. Usually fans catch them, throw them up on the SU wiki, and then forget until the next time they watch the episode. But few animation errors are so consistent as the one revealed below. But with everything done so purposefully and so many crucial plot points hinted at, could there be a deeper meaning behind this supposed animation error? Honestly probably not.

    Let us know in the comments which theory you think is the most plausible!

    Boring Doylist explanation: the animators couldn’t be bothered to double check for these things

    Interesting Doylist explanation: the animators know how over attentive fandom is and are fucking with us on purpose

    Boring watsonian explanation: The house is continually needing to be partially rebuilt due to the constant monster attacks and the door is not always rebuilt the same way.

    Interesting watsonian explanation: the house itself, because of its location near the temple, is partially sentient due to gem magic and can change its own form.

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