• SU Twitter/Tumblr storm THIS Thursday!

    We all love SU, and we hate the hiatuses. So, what can we do to help show CN that we want SU to have a regular airing schedule? Petitions? Pestering the Crewniverse? Sending angry letters? No, no, and probably not.

    This Thursday, March 10th, SU fans are taking to social media to show Cartoon Network just how much they love Steven Universe and want a regular airing schedule! Check below the break to see how you can help!

    Are you tired of the hiatus? Do you want Cartoon Network to know just how much we want Steven Universe to be back on screen? I propose a storm on Twitter and Tumblr to make sure Cartoon Network sees how much we miss Steven Universe!
    Thursday the 10th at 5:30 PM EST I call for us to have a Twitter and Tumblr storm! That is the time when Steven Universe used to air last fall. The point of this is to make sure that Cartoon Network knows exactly how much we want Steven Universe to come back, so tweet on Twitter and write on Tumblr how much you love Steven Universe and how much you want it to come back soon! Make sure to use the hashtags #stevenuniverse and #stevenbomb (”#steven universe” and “#steven bomb” on tumblr) and make sure to @cartoonnetwork too so CN sees your tweet/post! 
    Even if you’re not home at that time, you can queue a post that’ll be posted at exactly 5:30 PM EST on Tumblr. Make sure to not bother the Crewniverse about this - they know we miss SU, but we want Cartoon Network to know it too.
    Time conversions for your convenience:
    EST: 5:30 PM (17:30)
    CST: 4:30 PM
    W. Europe Time (Sweden): 11:30 PM (23:30)
    GMT ( UTC ): 10:30 PM (22:30)

    Let’s make sure Cartoon Network knows how much we want Steven Universe to come back soon!

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    The point is not to pressurize CN to give us SU asap. It’s to show LOVE for the show, to show how much we’re waiting. How much we want it back. That we don’t want to learn about this show via leaks, but actual episodes. That we’re waiting, patiently.
    It’s not like we’re going to write and call CN and annoy them. This is showing love via social media. It won’t bother them - they WANT us to engage with them on social media. CN is a huge corporation, and they want people to engage with them via social media. They’ll love the publicity they’ll get from this.
    So, to clarify, this are some rules you should keep to when posting on thursday:
    1) Don’t tweet or write to the Crewniverse about this, they’re already being bothered constantly about this


    Ian told us to ask Cartoon Network, not Crewniverse. This is what I based all of this on. Don’t tweet to Crewniverse, contact CN instead. They’re there to listen to our hopes and wishes. It’s their job. They’re in charge of scheduling, and information to us, the viewers. CN are the ones we should be talking to.
    2) Don’t whine. Don’t say things like “why don’t we get more SU :((((” but rather say it like “I hope we get more SU soon, I love this show!” Be positive! Show them you LOVE the show!
    3) Be respectful. Don’t say mean things to them. Show LOVE. Show how much you love SU. Show how happy it would make you if it returned.
    The keyword here is love. Show CN you love SU on thursday. Whatever happens, even if nothing happens, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the shower of love from all of us!

    Twitter: Emerald