• Comic News Insider Interview with Rebecca Sugar

    WAKE UP TO THURSDAY with an hour and a half interview with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar! Check after the break for the interview, as well as interesting highlights! There be spoilers ahead!

    Highlights from the SU Reddit:
    • Musical episode coming soon to include 7 new songs including tap dancing.
    • Shelby Rabara (Peridot) originally auditioned for Garnet and Jennifer Paz (Lapis) originally auditioned for Amethyst
    • The tap dancing sound used in the musical episode is a recording of Shelby Rabara actually tap dancing!
    • Upcoming song (implied to be part of the musical episode) by Jeff Liu and Ben Levin, which apparently had a Pearl verse added that wasn't there before, so possibly a duet or an even bigger ensemble.
    • Ruby and Sapphire's relationship is based around Rebecca and Ians relationship.
    • She went suspiciously silent when the prospect of a YD song was mentioned. Or maybe I'm just crazy. Nonetheless she then said she wanted a YD song too.
    • Rose and Peals relationship confirmed for requited love.
    • New character to appear with voice work Rebecca is excited about and that character will appear in the fall.
    • Live stage musical of Steven universe would be something Rebecca would love.
    • Apparently Sapphire is associated with "sight and seeing" and Ruby with "touch and healing". Sapphire didn't always have one eye.
    • She hopes to have a Sardonyx song one day.
    • There's some really interesting talk about fusion as a concept around 57 minutes in.

    Get hyped up for Summer of Steven!


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