• Fan Theory: The Other Amethyst

    If there are multiple pearls and peridots on Homeworld, why not multiple Amethyst's? Check out some evidence about this fan theory, below the break! It's definitely interesting, so if you're not afraid of spoilers, check it out!

    We know that there are 2 upcoming episodes that could involve the beta kindergarten, "Steven vs. Amethyst" and "the kindergarten kid"
    One of those may be Amethyst's backstory, but the other may contain something important
    There's a popular theory of there being another defective amethyst since there was another low hole in the kindergarten
    And that brings us back to the episode where Steven and the cool kids find peridot's pod
    In that episode, in some of the group pictures, they related the kids to the crystal gems
    Buck Dewey= garnet
    Sour cream= pearl
    Jenny= amethyst
    Just one thing... Jenny has a twin sister.

    Twitter: Emerald