• Fan Theory: Homeworld Gems Know About Music

    Are gems just naturally intelligent enough to pick up on new skills? Or does Homeworld stunt gems so much that their natural talents can never shine through? Read an interesting theory about Peridot and Homeworld, below!

    A random Steven Universe thought:
    It’s apparent that the songs we see in the show are at least partly diegetic, implying that Gems as a culture - and possibly as a species - possess enormous musical aptitude. Indeed, we explicitly see Peridot mastering the basics of musical composition in a matter of minutes, in spite of having no idea what music was up until that point.
    That raises an troubling question: Gems possess a great natural aptitude for music, yet Peridot had no idea what music was until Steven clued her in.
    What happened to Homeworld culture in those intervening millennia?

    Twitter: Emerald