• Episode Followup: Barn Mates

    Wassup everyone! Mynder here for likely my last contribution to this blog. What a better way to do so than reviewing Steven Universe's equivalent of "this is our get along shirt" between an an angry space dorito and a sad water stone? Let's get this started, shall we?

     "And then I'll say 'Hey, as one refugee to another, it isn't so bad that we can never go back to Homeworld, am I right?'"
    Oooooh, so THIS is how we're starting this episode then. I love the fact Peridot is laying out her plans on how to make Lapis like her. You know it's rude to talk about people when they're not arou-

    Geeze Peridot, you're talking about her in front of her? Maybe it'd  have been better to do it when she wasn't around. It takes a certain smugness to do that, I'm impressed. 

    "I saw this on an episode of a tv show! I didn't see how it ended, but I'm sure it worked out great!"
    Steven... Steven no, don't do it, don't do the "divide room into two halves" thi-dangit he did it. We all know how well this is gonna turn out.

     "It's her. She's the problem. I can't stand the thought of having to look at her every day."
    Alright, cuttin' kinda deep there Lapis, but I get'cha. You two aren't on the best of terms given the last time you both met... But look at Peridot now, she's so adorable. How can you deny that?

     "I'm kind of a big deal. A big, anti-Homeworld deal!"
    Real notes here. I don't think I can successfully express just how much I love how the Crewniverse is handling Peridot's "redemption." She's still incredibly egotistical, self important, and loud mouthed, but she's not really.... bad, anymore. Her personality didn't change at all, just her outlook on things. I can appreciate that a lot. 

    "Steven, I don't think this is gonna work..."
    But, of course, things just aren't that easy.  Sorry Steven, a curtain isn't gonna be what this relationship needs.

    "I forgot that the last time you saw each other wasn't so okay..."
     "That was in the past, it's not like that now!"
    The last time they saw each other was the time a giant space hand ended up buried in the beach... I suppose one can forget that when you had to deal with the nightmare stuff that was the Cluster.

    "Cards are a great way to tell someone something if you can't be face to face with them, or if they don't want to see your face..."
    So we're starting off with card giving. THIS is gonna go well... Peridot can't possibly write somethign shallow or offensive by mistake. 

    This is literally just the best thing ever. As an artist, I 100% approve. 

    "Sorry I interrogated you. You were just full of such useful information. That's a sincere compliment."
    Of course she bunged it up. Oh well, friends can't come that easy right? Maybe next time.

     This screenshot just makes me happy. Maybe second time's the charm...? Nah, there's still six minutes left in the episode.

     "H2O-h my gosh. It's a smaller than average lake!"
    Ok, first off. Peridot, you've been watching too much Pining Hearts or whatever. Second of all, how did you guys manage to cart up that much water to make a pool? THIRD OF ALL, where did they get the inner tube.... Just another thing in the barn?

    "It was an endless, crushing darkness. Wet and bleak and suffocating."
    ... Oooookay, that's a very intense glare. I'd feel like burying myself in a hole if someone shot that kind of a glare at me, I can only imagine how Peridot is handling it.

     ... Yeah, same. 

     Third time's the charm, right? We got some gift giving and probably one of the cutest faces of the episode. Stop being adorable Peridot, it's not fair. 

    "I don't want your garbage."
    NOT THE TAPE RECORDER. Dangit Lapis that was Peridot's precious thing, that was just mean. 

     "This place doesn't exactly feel like home yet! You're alone! No one could possibly know what that feels like! Oh wait. I do! We're the same! Except... you don't have to be alone."
    More showing's of Peridot's character development. She cares so much about being accepted by Lapis, and all she does is break her tape recorder... I really feel bad for Peridot at this point, she's trying so dang hard.

    "So tell me, what you want from me, and whatever that is... I'll do it."
    "I want you to LEAVE!"
    Peridot noooo. Come back, please. DON'T GO!

     "Lapis, you're not even giving her a chance! You should have at least gotten to know her before you decided you didn't like her."
    The moment even Steven isn't cool with what you did, you know you bunged it up. Ya see that Lapis, you upset poor Steven. 
    PERIDOT GOSH DANGIT. Don't bring the giant, evil, glowing eye back with you. I don't care if you want to keep it, we can't have any more pets.

     Do you all remember that show "Hole In the Wall"? Yeah... they obviously didn't. 

     I've heard of bringing the smack down, but this is the most literal I've ever seen it. Good going Lapis, you turned your smaller than average lake into a bringer of pain.

    This shot would have been perfect for people who wanted good height comparisons between all of the Crystal Gems... Too bad that, for composition purposes, they're rarely if ever consistent. Oh well, ya win some ya lose some. 

     "Peridot... are you okay?"
    Same, Peridot, same. 


    Well that was a fun episode indeed. Next week's episode is Hit the Diamond! I totally didn't watch it early because of those darn French releases early, nope, not at all.....