• Fan Theory: Alexandrite proves Rose Quartz is Still Alive

    Fans are still speculating as to whether or not Rose Quartz is still alive or gone for good. Since Rebecca Sugar gave a very ominous answer, Rose Quartz coming back isn't entirely outside the realm of possibility. Check out a cool theory below about more evidence as to Rose's continued existence.

    So in the new footage from the upcoming episode Super Watermelon Island, there is an epic battle between Alexandrite and Malachite. For her final move, Alexandrite shoots Opal’s bow which reveals the three Crystal Gems, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all together to form the arrow.

    This formation likely admits that the three of them are still individually conscious while still formed as Alexandrite, and decided to create a weapon to illustrate the three of them working together towards a common goal.
    So how is this relevant to Rose Quartz?

    In the episode Laser Light Cannon, Steven activates a cannon that used to belong to his mother, Rose Quartz. When fired, the cannon takes the very distinct shape of Rose.

    However, as Steven was the one who fired the weapon, shouldn’t the cannon have taken the shape of him. But nope, like how Alexandrite’s arrow took the form of her components (Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl) instead of firing an “Alexandrite” shaped arrow, the Laser Light Cannon (as well as the Quartzine Trio) take the shape of Rose when Steven fires them. 

    So, if Alexandrite’s weapon is basically the “sum of her parts”, than Steven’s weapons are the combination of him and Rose.

    But we all know that Rose is quite literally half of Steven.
    However, now this could prove that not only is Rose part of her son, but that she is still conscious and is actively helping Steven by activating the cannons and maybe even her shield! 

    For example, when Steven had first approached Connie in the episode Bubble Buddies, Steven had previously only accessed his gem-shield once. He had no idea that he could form a protective barrier-bubble.

    Yet again, the bubble takes the shape of a rose. Plus Steven is not moving his body like he normally does when he is willingly trying to activate his shield, thus suggesting that someone else, that being Rose, activated the first bubble.
    What if this is Rose Quartz actively looking out for and protecting Steven?!

    Yes, later Steven is able to control the bubble on his own, but Rose revealed the ability to him, as she is guiding him to be a stronger gem and a potential leader and protector of the other Gems.

    In conclusion, Alexandrite’s triple-gem arrow reveals that Rose Quartz is still alive and conscious while “fused” with Steven, and is actively projecting herself from Steven’s human-half to ignite her weapons and pass her abilities onto Steven when she feels it is the right time to teach him.

    Twitter: Emerald